Simply put, this is my version of how I’d like the world to turn out, twisting problems into solutions. SuRutopia is a little whisper to the universe. After all, everything starts with an idea. Enjoy the ride as I push the realm of what is possible into my writing and dreams.

Increase the Peace, Learn to De-Escalate

How to talk with folks who didn't vote the way you did. I have a friend, I hope she's still my friend, who is still angry at me because I was and continue to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders. She thinks that its people like me that are responsible for the current mess...

Dear Lin-Manuel Miranda

I have to say you are my spirit guide these days. There is a new Battle of Yorktown about to happen here in NY with fracked gas pipelines invading this town on their way to Boston for export. I’m dreaming of adapting
your entire show to cover the revolution against gas and climate chaos. After all, anything is possible.

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My 2010 Mission Statement

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