If you could wave a magic wand and cause your doctor to  have a brilliant Food IQ, what would she/he tell you about how to be healthy?

shopping_cartThat magic wand is in my hand right now. I have a huge opportunity to impact the Food IQ of a nearby medical school as part of a new course in Complementary Alternative Medicine for 4th year medical students.  I will have these future physicians for 3 hours of lecture time plus a full day of “clinical rotation”.

I’ve already got the “clinical rotation” figured out. I’m going to take them on a tour of the toxic food environment: the supermarket. We’ll explore what is hype and what is health supporting. Time permitting, we’ll hop on over to the nearest health food store to see some more hype.

Of course, I’ll teach them the top ten toxic ingredients along with my evaluation continuum. They need to learn that language is important and the power of advertising/ health hype.  But I want to take it even deeper. I want to shake up their core belief system on health and healing. I want them to look in the mirror and begin with what is at the end of their  own fork.

So here’s a question for you:  What do YOU think your doctor should know about food? Post it in the comments section. Pass this around to your friends and family too, let’s get a good long discussion going so I can share it with the medical school.

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