This week at Gilda’s Club Westchester, I’ll be teaching one of my most favorite classes: Diet Mythology. I first came up with this topic way back in 2006 when I was teaching a course entitled American Food Culture for non native speakers of English at Manhattanville College. Diet myths continue to grow and circulate thanks to well meaning but mis-informed nutritionists and the mainstream media.The latest crazy one is that chocolate milk is some sort of health food (not!).

Here are a few of the diet myths many of us believe:

  • FAT makes you FAT.
  • Calories count.
  • Low carb or no carb is the best.
  • The government is looking out for our best interests.
  • Losing weight boils down to eating less and exercising more.
  • Fasting and de-toxing plans help you lose weight and regain health.
  • Supplements can burn fat and boost our metabolism.
  • You can substitute meals with replacement bars or drinks to keep the weight off.

What’s your favorite diet myth? Post them in the comments section, I’ll add them to my collection!

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