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5 Reasons Why Community Gardens Matter

Learning how to grow food is a skill worth learning. It puts your in touch with the cycles of life, with weather and climate, with flexibility and patience. Research shows that putting your hands in the soil can help boost immunity and decrease depression. Gardening is also a gateway drug for caring more about nature, the environment and all aspects of our food system. I’ve also learned from years of growing food with children that when they grow it, they eat it! Gardening causes you to fall in love with vegetables in a deep and lasting way.

Going With The Crowd?

I believe that it is not always in our best interests to go with the crowd. Asking questions and doing our own homework is key. Group think can be dangerous.  Age may have something to do with this. The older I get, the less I care about what others may think. And the...

Grown and Flown

There is something both exciting and unsettling about encouraging your kid to follow her dreams when it means traveling so far and for so long.

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