I wrote about the “Race to Nowhere” back in October when I first saw the movie. This film highlights the dark side of our over-achieving communities.  While many of us move to suburbia for the excellent schools, sometimes its important to take a step back and ask some serious questions.

Are our kids over-worked and under-played? Are there too many tutors and travel teams?  Has high school just become one big race to the “best college”?

What have we lost in this crazy busy race? Our health? Our happiness?

Schools across the country are screening this film.  My town, Chappaqua, has gone whole hog: they’ve screened it multiple times to both parents and faculty. The PTA has even moderated two discussion sessions for parents.  While I give kudos to my school district credit for screening the film to both parents and faculty multiple times and for allowing the space for the conversations afterwards, I wonder. Will this result in any meaningful change? Are we just preaching to the choir?

This fun, eye opening You Tube presentation by Sir Ken Robinson about changing educational paradigms caught my attention. These are the big questions we need to ponder in a changing world.

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