Dump Your Diet


Using Susan’s easy to understand House of Health™ system, you’ll finally stop fearing such words as carbs, fat, and calories. You’ll learn to develop a whole new relationship with food – how to eat mindfully, how to reduce stress, how to eat and live seasonally, and how to make small changes over time for big results.



You’ll also learn how to recognize junk food and which foods contain the healthy Omega 3 oils. Susan will show you why better health and weight loss does not need to be complicated.

Diets are everywhere. But do they work? Do you believe that fat makes you fat, that calories count, and that carbs are bad for you? Have you tried most of the fad diets and are still struggling with your weight? If so, then this e-book is for you.

The sad truth is diets don’t work. It’s time to Dump Your Diet. I believe we have a serious love/hate relationship with what we eat. We either glorify or vilify a particular food or macronutrient. Remember how white bread was supposed to grow children big and strong? Now, when you think of bread, you think of “carbs”. Before then, “fat” was the bad guy. We used to eat fat-free food products; now low-carbs rules the roost.

But there is a better way – it’s my “House of Health” system. It’s simple to understand and easy to apply in everyday life. When you change your relationship with food, unwanted weight will melt away as a happy side effect. In this e-book, I’ll walk you through the three easy steps:

Step 1 – Building a strong foundation and framework with real food
Step 2 – Adding the fine details -the lifestyle choices that make a house a home
Step 3 – Maintaining your health

You’ll also learn about vitamins, sugar, and exercise as well as eating seasonally and making small changes over time. I want to help you create a new relationship with food and no longer fear such words as fat, carbs, and calories. When you use my system, you’ll break free from yo-yo dieting. You’ll experience a whole new relationship with food. You’ll be out of the dieting rut forever!


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