This booklet is supposed to tell you everything you need to know about evacuating in case something bad happens at the aging Indian Point nuke plant. Photo credit: Lynda Curtis

What started as a short film designed to make light of the insanity of Indian Point’s nuclear evacuation plans is taking on a life of it’s own.

Our “flash mob” film shoot was a great success. Over 30 people showed up, ready to evacuate. They brought their belongings, their pets (which won’t be allowed on the buses) and did a great job acting the part. The worry on their faces as they waited for the bus was quite visible.

This week, we filmed an online interview with Ralph Nader to discuss the evacuation plan. When I reached out to Mr. Nader on his website, I thought it would be a longshot. He called me directly within 2 hours of my email. I happened to be driving at the time, with my seatbelt fastened, of course.

Mr. Nader,  a tireless consumer advocate, gave us even more ideas to drive home the point that Indian Point is unsafe and un-evacuable. He feels that the  current evacuation plan is nothing but a phantom plan on paper.

Drill baby, drill!

Schools, hospitals and most businesses routinely hold regular safety drills to practice in case of an emergency. But a practice drill has never been attempted near the Indian Point nuclear plant. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says a drill would be too alarming. If you cannot practice the evacuation with a drill, then it truly is a fantasy plan, not based in reality.

Our little movie will help set the stage to demand a drill in real time and to insist on a plan that first responders would agree is at least feasible. All the first responders (police, fire and paramedics) we’ve spoken with have zero confidence in the current evacuation plan. Stay tuned for more details!

Do you really think a bus will come to evacuate you if something goes wrong at Indian Point?

Do you really think a bus will come to evacuate you if something goes wrong at Indian Point?


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