If I had a magic wand, I would create a new political party. It wouldn’t be a left or a right, conservative or liberal sort of thing. This binary stuff is so worn out, these times call upon us to to become multi-dimensional instead

I would call this new party, the garden party.

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the consciousness that created it.  Its time to soar above democrats and republicans and create a more beautiful world that we know in our hearts is possible. That catchy phrase is a book title by Charles Eisenstein, someone I read for outside of the box inspiration.  We are in serious need of out of the box thinking at this point in time, because whatever else we’re doing is not working. Join me in this fantastic dream, if only for a few minutes.

When the Garden Party becomes successful, front yard gardens and backyard chickens would be encouraged with generous tax breaks for homeowners. Leaf blowers and pesticide use would be considered dangerous to all life forms like cigarettes and second hand smoke.  Laws would prioritize protection of public health, safety and would always take the concept of 7 generations into consideration.

In my utopian, garden centric world, corporate welfare would no longer exist. Fresh clean water would be readily available and cheaper than soda. The Farm Bill would be no longer be rigged in favor of industrial agriculture and would support small, sustainable farms instead.  A fresh meal would cost less than a Happy Meal. Vegetables like broccoli would be subsidized instead of cotton and soybeans.  Corporations would be required to pay their fair share of taxes and if they hid their money offshore in the Caymans, they would be shamed and actively boycotted for their selfishness and lack of patriotism.  Corporations like Pepsico and McDonalds would no longer exist. Big oil would go under too, as the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar and geothermal would force them to leave their toxic assets untapped under the ground

Food would be healthcare. Real healthcare!  Medical students would get one full semester of nutrition and food education in each year of medical school, instead of the few hours they get today.  Doctors would prescribe food and meditation before they write a script for toxic medications.  Big Pharma would no longer fund all continuing education programs for health professionals, experts on food and healing would instead.

Our kids would have a high Food IQ. Preschool playgrounds would have raised garden beds and peas, beans and cucumbers would climb the fences.  K-12 schools would have comprehensive  indoor and outdoor edible education as an integral part of all 13 years.  Kids would grow real  food and eat it, resulting in decreased rates of obesity, cancer, digestive and behavioral problems. They’d know how to cook by the time they got their high school diploma.

Until the Garden Party of my dreams becomes reality, I will continue to plant seeds.  After all, our imagination paves the way and builds tracks for the reality train to follow.

The Garden Party


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