suru HOHMy philosophy on food, healing and life in general is based on my trademarked House of Health™ model.

FOOD, not nutrition.

Nutrition, as it is often taught, is food industry doublespeak which is deceptive and difficult to relate to in the real world. I believe that is more important to teach people about FOOD. Food is what we eat, not carbs, protein fat and calories. Real food makes far more sense than all those nutrition facts and figures. My methods will improve your Food IQ using hands-on experience which is far more powerful than “book learning.”

In the late 1990’s, at the turn of the century, I left a successful career in dentistry to pursue a more challenging career in nutrition. Not wanting to pursue typical “nutrition” education, I opted for a more holistic and integrative approach. Because I studied many different dietary systems, I can customize what works for an individual from a wide variety of choices.

gardenMy diverse education makes me pragmatic, not dogmatic. My science background and dental education gives me a solid foundation in physiology and pharmacology so I understand how the body works on many levels. Along the way, I started to grow more of my food. Which in turn taught me the importance of clean air, water and healthy soil. Before I knew it, I grew into a passionate environmental activist in addition to being a food educator.

Many of us have lost our connection to food and to our biosphere.

Creating healthy connections to good food, a healthy life and a healthy future is my mission. Using the metaphor of a house, I’ll show you how to build better health from the ground up. An understanding of how our food gets from the farm to our table is an important part of this process a well as eating locally and seasonally. We’ve lost the connection to where our food comes from and how it fuels us. The answer does not lie in a pill, a diet or the latest “superfood”. The answer to better health results from a good relationship with real food and good lifestyle choices.

Food alone is not the answer to better health.

People need movement and physical activity in their lives to create optimum health. I encourage everyone to find a form of physical activity that they enjoy and to make it a consistent ingredient in their lives. That doesn’t have to mean joining a gym! Walk, run, dance, dig in a garden!

beachFind what floats your boat and do it on a consistent basis.

Effective stress reduction strategies are also a key component of optimal health. I consider this to be another form of “food” that we all require. In the House of Health™ model, I’ll help you make your house a home, by using non-caloric forms of nourishment.

Medical care providers focus on disease and “fixing” what’s broken by treating the symptom, not the cause of the problem. I consider the body as infinitely wise, with self-healing capabilities. My philosophy embraces the whole person and gets to the root of the problem. Using food as a healing tool, I help my clients make changes in their food to regain health, energy, and balance in their lives.

Consumer awareness is another important piece of the pie.

Food and drug companies spend millions on marketing less than honest information to the public every year because their bottom line is profit, not your good health. Together, I will help you to cut through the hype and get closer to the truth about what our bodies really need. We can and must stop being consumers and instead become informed citizens who take action and help create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

We have the power to change.

My work boils down to inspiring people to take back their power. As eaters, as citizens and to consider future generations. We can do this. A better world is possible.

The healing power of FUN.

laughterMost importantly, my philosophy endorses fun as an essential nutrient. If it’s not fun, why do it? Fun boosts your metabolism, burns calories, builds immunity and has vast healing properties. Laughing tones essential abdominal muscles too.