Yummy Quinoa Breakfast from Bon Apetit's Foodie Cleanse

Now that Christmas is over and New Years is just 48 hours away, the craze is upon us. Every bookstore is loaded with titles that will help you lose weight, de-tox, diet, and basically repent from your days of gluttony. Nutritionists and health counselors from coast to coast are bombarding your email boxes with offers of juice fasts and 21 day programs promising to help you lose that holiday weight gain.

It’s all a crazy lie!

The truth is that these diets, fasts and cleanses do more for their bottom line than your waistline.  Diets, cleanses and fasts don’t create permanent weight loss.  My Dump Your Diet eBook goes deeper into explanations why diets don’t work. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

The good news is that today, I found a “cleanse” I can believe in. Bon Apetit magazine is launching a 2 week Food Lover’s Cleanse on January 2nd.  You can check it out, get all the recipes, shopping lists, you name it. All for FREE online.

Instead of investing in expensive de-tox pills and powders, save your money. Spend it on good food instead. Your body will thank you.  If you eat real food, ultimately your body will let go of unnecessary weight. This will NOT happen in a 2 week program!  Focus on the food and you’ll see results by bikini season.  More importantly, you’ll have a clearer mind and more energy once you get rid of processed, chemicalized packaged food.

I’m going to play along with Bon Apetit’s Foodie Cleanse. I hope you’ll join me.

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